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Company Policy

CEI Services are pressure cleaning specialists and property maintenance experts. It is our intention to improve the environment around us. We are proud to be based in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, Cumbria and take inspiration from our stunning surrounding landscapes when making environmental decisions.

Environmental Policy

CEI Services is committed to maintaining standards of excellence which demonstrate innovative thinking and all round leadership within the cleaning and maintenance industry, with specific regard to our natural resources and environment.

CEI's environmental policies and practices embody this commitment and we will strive to ensure we are always doing everything possible to protect our resources and minimise negative environmental impact.

In caring for the environment, CEI Services focuses on several key areas:

  • Use Of Chemicals: CEI Services have sourced the most eco friendly range of cleaning products available in this country. We always try to complete our work without the use of any chemicals but when they are neccessary we comply strictly with the manufacturers guidelines to ensure there are no negative environmental impacts.
  • Protecting The Waterways: We have an obligation to make sure no water systems are affected by our work. Debris and dirt is always disposed of appropiately and in the correct manner, and is never allowed to contaminate clean waterways.
  • Water Useage: CEI is proud to have invested in the latest equipment which ensures the most efficient return of water to cleaning power available today. Our staff are fully trained to clean in the most efficient manner possible and our equipment is well maintained to ensure maximum performance. We are looking into recycling systems which would enable us to clean and re-use our dirty water.
  • Rain Water Useage: CEI has set it's own targets with regards to this natural resource. Our initial goal is for 20% of our total water useage to come from recycled rain water caught in bowsers via gutters and run offs by December 2010. It is our intention to build on this until 50% of our water useage is derived from this source.
  • Waste Disposal: CEI disposes of all waste, including asbestos, in the correct and legal manner, following all relevant safety procedures. CEI staff recycle paper, cardboards, glass and any other recyclable material. We want to keep as much waste out of landfill as possible. We are very keen on the reduce - re-use -recycle message and try to follow it on a daily basis.
  • Research And Development: CEI Services has made significant investment in research and development of it's plant and equipment which is all geared towards minimum negative environmental impact.
  • Reduce Noise: All our equipment conforms to UK noise regulations. Protecting the peace of the community through the use of innovative sound reducing technologies.

For a hard copy of CEI Services environmental policy, or to find out more about anything mentioned within it, please Contact Us anytime and we will be happy to help.

CEI Services wants it's customers to be happy with everything we do. 

Customer Care Policy

CEI Services is a customer focused company and we are confident that should any issues ever arise we have the necessary procedures in place to respond to them efficiently and with maximum urgency. It is our policy to respond quickly and concisely to all requests for information or products. All our staff are committed to, and trained in, every aspect of customer care.

Our complaints procedure is clear. If you are dissatisfied in any way with CEI Services you can call, email or contact us via our website. Your request will be treated with the utmost importance and your complaint will immediately be allocated to a company director whose contact details you will be given. We will then maintain excellent communication with you and do everything within our power to ensure a swift and positive resolution.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service, delivered responsively and cost effectively by highly trained, approachable professionals who take pride in what they do.

CEI Services will:

  • Seek to understand the requirements of our clients and their business needs;
  • Always ensure the strict privacy and confidentiality of our clients or potential clients;
  • Ensure that clients are treated courteously and promptly;
  • Encourage staff members to act politely, friendly and helpfully in dealing with every type of enquiry;
  • Ensure that you are always told the name of the person taking responsibility for dealing with your enquiry or problem. All major issues will be dealt with by a director of the company;
  • Ensure that our associates act in a manner which meets the expectations of CEI Services Ltd. and our clients;
  • Always admit and rectify immediately any errors or inaccuracies caused by CEI Services. or its agents;
  • Never sell or recommend products or services that we cannot support;
  • Never sell or recommend products or services for profit only.

The continued success and development of our business depends upon our customers being totally satisfied with the work we carry out. Nothing is more important to us than achieving this satisfaction.

If you have any questions or comments regarding CEI Services’ customer care policy please feel free to contact us at anytime.

No one takes health and safety more seriously then CEI Services. We use top health and safety consultants from around the UK if we are ever in any doubt. CEI Services are based in Cumbria and Birmingham and have health and safety officers at both locations.

Health and Safety Policy 

To everyone at CEI Services the safety of each other, our clients and the general public is paramount. We go above and beyond health and safety regulations to ensure we are recognised as a company that sets the standards in this area. When choosing CEI Services you can feel safe in the knowledge that we:

  • Can provide detailed risk assessments and/or method statements for our clients.
  • Have fully certified Cat 3a and 3b drivers so working at height for CEI Services is a cost effective and safe procedure. 
  • Satisfy COSSH regulations.
  • Have trained all our staff thoroughly to understand health and safety requirements and the equipment they use.
  • Have first aid trained staff and first aid supplies on every job.
  • Have invested in the latest equipment to enable safer working environments, for example, telescopic lances which virtually eliminate the need to work on ladders.
  • Have public and employee liability insurance in place.
  • Have a full health and safety policy in place. You can Contact Us and we will happily send you out a copy.

As part of CEI Services ambition to grow and develop we are continuously looking at ways of improving our health and safety standards. We believe that this attitude enables us to stay ahead of the competition. 

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