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Lancaster University - Ruskin Library and Surrounds - High Pressure Cleaning and Application Of Protective Coating To All Surfaces


The Beautiful Ruskin Library At Lancaster University Was Restored Using Eco Friendly Products and CEI Services Specialist Skills And Equipment in 2009. Using Hot Water And The Correct Levels Of Pressure We Restored The Building And It's Surrounds To It's Former Glory. We Then Applied A Protective Coating To All The Surfaces Which Will Keep It Looking Great For Around 10 Years.

After several months of site surveys, negotiations and risk assessments, CEI Services were awarded the tender to carry out the cleaning of,  and application of a protective coating to this striking, iconic building in the centre of the Lancaster University Campus. The building was constructed in 1999 and has won several architectural awards. It consists primarily of white split faced lignacite block. The walls and walkways that surround it are made of the same material. Working with our national cleaning partners Graffiti Busters UK we carried out several test area cleans to ensure we had the correct products and equipment. Once the scaffolding was erected and we had covered the hundred or so metal trimmings that cover the building, we got to work cleaning the vast area using our specialist hot water cleaning equipment. Over several days in May 2009 the lignacite blocks were gradually transformed back to their original white, with all traces of dirt, pollution and grime completely removed. Using airless sprayers to ensure an even coating we then applied our fantastic protective coating which will guarantee to protect the surfaces for the next 10 years. Our permeable anti graffiti coatings will protect surfaces not only against weather and environmental pollution but also from graffiti attacks. Lancaster University staff have all agreed the results are fantastic and we were immediately asked to quote for more work throughout the campus. We hope to form a long term working relationship with this excellent Northern University.


Cockermouth Town War Memorial & Surrounds - Restore, Clean, Remove Graffiti and Apply Protective Coatings


CEI Services were approached by Cockermouth Town Council to restore the War Memorial back to it's former glory shortly before rememberance sunday 2008 as it has been left untouched for many years. CEI worked around the clock using specialist technology such as telescopic lances, pressure guns with fully adjustable pressure and rotary cleaners. We cleaned and rejuvenated the monument, it's steps and wall surrounds aswell as all the block paved areas which surrounds it. We now repeat the work every year and have had letters of thanks and praise for the standard of our work on this locally iconic monument.

In late October 2008 CEI Services were approached by Cockermouth Town Council to try and rejuvenate the towns War Memorial in time for remembrance Sunday. CEI were able to get to work quickly and they started by giving the top of the memorial a clean and polish using good old elbow grease. With this part out of the way the CEI team really had no further use for ladders or scaffolding as they have telescopic lances which provide a much safer and more efficient alternative. Next we applied several different eco friendly cleaning agents to the surface of the monument to ensure we achieved the best possible results and set to work using our adjustable pressure gun and hot water. We also encountered graffiti and litter which were carefully removed. Another part of the project was to clean the vast area of block paving which surrounds the monument which we did in good time and with our usual outstanding results. We applied sand to strengthen joints and applied a protective sealant to the paving and steps surrounding the monument. CEI now cleans the monument and it's surrounding every 12 months and we have received letters of thanks both from the council and the general public for our work on this locally iconic monument. We have also received orders to carry out work on other monuments for other town and parish councils throughout Cumbria as a result of our fantastic results on this one. We understand the surfaces, use exactly the right equipment and pressure to guarantee first class results every time.

Restoration, Maintenance and Cleaning of Weathered Red Sandstone Cottage, Roof, Grounds and Perimiter Walls in Ireby, Cumbria

CEI Services used specialist cleaning techniques to restore this beautiful old red sandstone cottage and it's grounds back to it's former glory. Using our highly effective red sandstone cleaning products, warm - hot water and our fully adjustable pressure washers we were able to bring back the beautiful deep red without damaging any of the surfaces. We rebuilt large sections of the beautiful stone walling which surrounds the property and re pointed lots of areas including parts of the building itself. CEI Services cleaned and restored the old, delicate roof, fixed the front door and painted the fascias around the whole cottage. CEI Services offer a wide range of cleaning, restoration and property maintenance services to commercial and domestic clients and guarantee outstanding results everytime!

After several meetings with the client to establish the specific objectives of this cleaning, maintenance and restoration project we were able to get underway with the works. The client’s main concerns were the stone walls surrounding the property which were on the verge of collapse, and that the beautiful old red sandstone which makes up the majority of the buildings surface was restored without damage. As you can see from the images above and below we completed both of these tasks successfully. The walls were dismantled and the excess soil pushing them to the verge of collapse was removed. We were then able to rebuild the wall using the original stone and re-point accordingly.







Next the CEI team lovingly restored the natural slate on the roof leaving it looking fantastic. We stripped and prepared all the woodwork and fascias for painting and proceeded with the painting works producing outstanding results. The CEI team then made professional repairs to the worn out tarmac drive before cleaning it up using hot water and medium pressure. We used a diluted restoration cleaner and hot water with low pressure to assist with the removal of the lichen, dirt, moss and algae present on the red sandstone. Using an airless sprayer we applied a specialist preserver onto the clean sandstone to ensure it stays looking great for longer, and to provide some protection from the elements. A trained eye, our eco - friendly products along with our hot water and adjustable pressure were all that was required to bring back the beautiful deep red colour the customer was looking for. CEI Services also removed some clinging ivy, completed some internal painting and made repairs to the front door.


We believe this large job shows the wide array of skills and the diversity of trade knowledge within our team. When working with old and sensitive surfaces it is important to deal with professionals, CEI have the experience and technical knowledge to produce outstanding results every time.  

Fire Restoration Project at The Cumberland Hotel, Workington, Victim of an arson attack in 2010

CEI Services are stage 1 flood and fire restoration specialists, providing risk assessments, method statements and using the most effective and eco friendly products and equipment available we are able to restore flood and fire damaged property back to it's original shell with mimimum fuss. We work with private businesses, loss adjustors and insurance companies. The photos below are of work we completed at the Cumberland Hotel in Workington, Cumbria which was avictim of an arson attack but happily is now open and trading again! We are proud to play our part in the restoration of this popular Cumbrian Hotel!


Following an arson attack at the Cumberland Hotel in Workington, West Cumbria, CEI Services were called in to begin the fire restoration works. This involved cleaning the hallways, staircases and 2 of the bedrooms which were heavily smoke damaged. On the papered walls we used non abrasive sponges and an environmentally friendly liquid spray Delta Activator, to remove the mess. In some areas the smoke residue was extremely thick and we had to use abrasive cloths and sugar soap to reduce it, and then finish off with delta and non abrasive sponges.

In the bathroom we used bleach and eco friendly domestic cleaning products with sponges, cloths and in some areas wire brushes.

On completion we wiped all the surfaces, in every room, with a lemon scented cleaning liquid to reduce the smoke odour.

The owner of the hotel was very pleased with our work and called us after the hotels reopening to thanks us for our efforts. Everyone at CEI Services wishes the Cumberland Hotel all the best for the future.

CEI Services has vast experience of successfully restoring fire and flood damaged properties on a commercial and domestic basis.








Liverpool - Domestic Property Cleaning, Painting and Restoration Works

CEI Services provides complete property management services. At this property in Liverpool we power washed the entire building and stripped the paint from the windows before repainting, We refitted tiles, carried out repairs to the brickwork and capped it with some great new decorative bricks before repainting the wall and the gate posts. Take a look at the feedback below from the owner of the property! CEI Services offer complete property maintenance services.

Mr Hassen - Property Owner:

"CEI made every attempt to meet our needs and were excellent not only in the standard of the final completion of the job they undertook, but also in the positive and responsive manner they conducted supportive communication from 3,500 miles for us here living overseas. A very professional outfit that give high quality value for your money. We would have no hesitation re-hiring them again for similar work."

CEI Services completes works of this nature on a monthly basis throughout the UK. We have chosen to highlight this particular job because the client was on the other side of the world throughout the whole process. We believe it highlights our communication excellence, along with our desire to exceed our clients expectations.


We began by pressure cleaning the entire building and it's small front yard. We then set to work with stripping and preparing the gate and window columns, and the window sills. We restored some of the brickwork on the front wall and fitted new tiles into place on the floor, to replace the broken or missing ones. We then capped the wall with decorative bricks. Finally we painted the wall, sills and columns. A simple job completed quickly and cost effectively, with fantastic end results!

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